An Easy Oramask 831 Project

Hi crafting friends! It's Elyse from Crafts Made by Mom here to show you a project with Oramask 813. If you haven't used Oramask 813 before, don't worry! It is super simple and once you start using it you will be IN LOVE with it.

Supplies you will need:

-Oramask 813 (I received mine from Shop Craftables)

-wooden block

-stain (optional)

-foam brushes

-Transfer tape

-acrylic paint (I used Deco Art's Americana paint that you can get in any craft store)

-vinyl cutter (I used my Cricut Maker)

Once you have gathered everything it's time to begin! :)

Step 1:

Stain your wooden block if it is not already stained and while the stain is drying find a design you would like to use on the wooden block.

Step 2:

Cut out the design you would like to put on your wood.

My daughter is doing a service project locally so I decided to do the Raleigh skyline which I found online and imported the design into my Cricut Design space.

Step 3: