I tried out a new transfer tape & it's AWESOME!

Kassa reached out to me a month ago and asked me to try out a few of their new products; one of the products they sent me was their transfer tape. I am so happy that they did because I am in love with it!

I decided to try it out on a monogram project that I have been meaning to do before we go to the beach in a few weeks. It would be the ultimate test since it can be tricky applying vinyl decals on plastic such as a cooler!

There are a lot of different brands of transfer tapes out there and like many of you, I feel like I have tried the majority of them. Some are too sticky, some are not sticky enough, and others are hard to manage. Kassa's transfer tape lifts vinyl off the (vinyl) backing with ease. I just ran my scraper (the yellow tool above) once over the tape /vinyl and voila! It came off. I didn't even have to help the curls on the 'm' or the middle part of the letter.

Plus look at the graph lines!

I used the graph lines to help guide me in centering the 'm' on the cooler. Now, came the second test, will the tape pull off the vinyl decal when I remove it?

Kassa's transfer tape DID NOT pull of the vinyl I just applied!! :) To double check I added my last name over the initial; both the 'm' and name stayed in place when I pulled off the transfer tape for the second time! I am thoroughly impressed.

Here are the reasons why I love Kassa's transfer tape:

  1. the adhesive is just enough to pull off vinyl easily from it's backing

  2. it's not overly sticky that it pulls off the vinyl once it is applied to a surface

  3. the graph lines

Thank you Kassa for sending me your product to sample; it is now one of my favorite vinyl crafting essentials! I highly recommend it to my fellow vinyl crafters.

Happy Crafting, y'all!

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