D.I.Y. Washi Tape Switch Cover

My girls were itching to create something with my washi tape so we came up with this project to add something unique to their rooms! The little one told me which order to put hers in and the oldest created hers all on her own. This is a great project to do with your kids or have them do on their own.

For this project you will need:

  • a blank smooth switch cover

  • washi tape (the ones I used I bought at Michael's. Here is the donut collection that I used for the one in the photo above. Here are the two collections I used for the tutorial, Uptown Chic 2 & Uptown Chic 3 )

  • scissors

Let's get started!


Select the washi tape you would like to use for the project. This number of washi tapes you use depends on the pattern and width of the tape. My daughter lined up her washi tape in the order she wanted to put them on (while I had a 4 year old picking them out as we went along).


Take the first roll of washi tape and spread a piece long enough to across the cover.

Continue this step until the entire surface is covered with washi tape.


Trim any loose edges of tape.


Poke the tip of your scissor through the hole of the cover and cut a straight line that extends from one end of the hole to the other.